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Numerous tourist attractions of Ekaterinburg and Ekaterinburg countryside present a great interest for guests of the city.

Myths & Facts about Ekaterinburg, Russia

If you still doubt to come to Ekaterinburg, Russia because you think it is a small village somewhere in deep Siberia, where wild people with balalaikas walk along the streets teaming up with even wilder bears, you’d better learn some myths and facts at first. May be you will change your opinion.

Ekaterinburg Excursions - Ekaterinburg Tours

Ekaterinburg Excursions / Ekaterinburg Tours

Ekaterinburg has many tourist attractions. You can choose city tour to see main landmarks. Historical tour will help to learn more about Russian history and Ekaterinburg place in it, cultural tour will allow looking at sights of historical and cultural significance in Ekaterinburg.

Russian Visa - Hotels - Ekaterinburg Visa Registration

If you want to visit Russia and Ekaterinburg, you should know some rules about Russian Visas:

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2 Popular Ekaterinburg Hotels: Ural Hotel + Bolshoy Ural Hotel

There are two Ekaterinburg hotels on the Urals which are in popular demand among tourists: 4 Star Ural Hotel and 2 Star Bolshoy Ural Hotel.

  • Ural Hotel in Ekaterinburg - 4 Star Business Hotel.
    Ekaterinburg UralHotel (Ural-Hotel) is a high class hotel of 4* category. UralHotel of Ekaterinburg has perfect location being in the city center, but in a quiet nook, close to picturesque park. Thanks to high European standards of service "Ekateirnburg UralHotel" is chosen by politicians, actors and musicians. Ekaterinburg UralHotel (Ural Hotel) has unique design, decorated with jasper, green marble and other Ural gems.

  • Ekaterinburg Map. Find Ekaterinburg

    Looking for Ekaterinburg info? Click Here to See where it is located!
    The territory of Ekaterinburg is 1143 sq. km.
    Latitude is 56°50', longitude is 60°35', and altitude is 260 meters.

    Ekaterinburg & Ural Mountains

    Ekaterinburg and Ural Mountains in Russia

    Ekaterinburg is located on the eastern slope of the Ural Mountains, on the banks of the Iset River, in the Middle Urals.

    The Ural Mountains present mountain chain between East European plain and West Siberian Plain. The Ural mountain chain is 2500 km lengthwise and 40-150 km in width.

    Where is Ekaterinburg in Russia?

    Where is Ekaterinburg?

    Ans. Ekaterinburg of Russia is located in the middle part of the mainland Eurasia. Eurasia is the biggest mainland on the Earth, with the total area of 53 893 sq km. It comprises two parts of the world – Europe and Asia. The border between Europe and Asia stretches along the Ural Mountains.

    Population: Ural Region, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia. Who Lives in the Urals?

    Who lives in the Urals? Who lives in Sverdlovsk Oblast and Ekaterinburg, Russia?
    Ural District is one of Russian federal districts. The Ural Region (Ural Federal District) consists of:

    Ekaterinburg Culture and Science: History

    Culture and Science. Ekaterinburg Historical Facts

    From the very beginning, Ekaterinburg has played an important role in the cultural life of the Urals. The first mining school was opened there as early as in the 18th c. A lot of qualified and talented specialists graduated from this educational establishment.

    Ekaterinburg History: Churches of Ekaterinburg, Russia

    Churches in Ekaterinburg, Russia

    Ekaterinburg churches are worthy of notice. There were more then 50 churches in the beginning of the 19th century. Ekaterinburg cathedrals and churches, situated on the hills, formed an amazing outline of the city and made it unusually picturesque. Some of them were unique monuments of architecture.

    Ekaterinburg Russia. Ekaterinburg History. Part 3

    History of Ekaterinburg, Russia. Part 3. Architecture

    At the beginning, Ekaterinburg of Russia, like other cities of plant-fortress type of that time, had regular planning. It was surrounded by wooden-earth fortifying constructions and, during the 18th century, it remained to be a wooden settlement. However, with the time, settlers began erecting stone buildings. There were 13 stone buildings already by the end of the century. At that time the population of Ekaterinburg was estimated at nine thousand people.

    Ekaterinburg Russia. Ekaterinburg History. Part 2

    History of Ekaterinburg, Russia. Part 2

    Ekaterinburg emblem: The upper part of escutcheon depicts a bear with the Gospel on its back. The bear with the Gospel is depicted on the red background thus reflecting the city’s belonging to Permskaya province, The lower part of the emblem represents a silver smelting furnace and a ore mine. These elements are painted on the green background and symbolize rich ore deposits of Ekaterinburg area.

    Ekaterinburg Russia. Ekaterinburg History. Part I

    History of Ekaterinburg, Russia. Foundation

    Ekaterinburg of Russia began its history in 1723. Ekaterinburg was founded as a plant-fortress by the order of Peter the Great.

    The main aim was to turn the future city into the mining center. Thus construction of the plant on the Iset River began. So this plant gave birth to a new town, Ekaterinburg. The plant’s construction began in summer, 1723. Except this plant other buildings were constructed on the territory of the fortress. There were rows of shops, a church, a school, about 300 small houses and the building of Mining Chancellery that controlled all the Ural and Siberian plants.

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    Ekaterinburg info:
    Population: 1 400 000
    Area: 1143 sq. km
    Divisions: 7 districts
    Ekaterinburg Location:
    the capital of the Ural Federal District & Sverdlovsk Region
    Ekaterinburg Time:
    GMT +5 hours
    Ekaterinburg Currency:
    RUR - Rubles