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Due to increase of economic, cultural and business activity in Ekaterinburg, hospitality service in the city develops rapidly. By December, 1, 2007 there are 46 hotels with 4701 berths in total in Ekaterinburg, besides there are 31 hospitality items with 1327 berths and 2 auto camping, which can't be classified as Ekaterinburg hotels but still provide accommodation service.
The lack of Ekaterinburg hotels reduces. Every year over 10 hotels, from 5-4* to budget ones, are built.

"Atrium Palace Hotel" is the only one 5-star hotel in Ekaterinburg. Three hotels are classified as 4-star Ekaterinburg hotels. They are "Ural Court", "Ekaterinburg Oktabryskaya Hotel" and "Richmond Hotel of Ekaterinburg". Nine hotels have 3-star status, two hotels are classified as 2-star hotels and only one hotel has 1-star category.

Most of the hotels have central location. These hotels, in spite of higher prices, are much in demand in comparison with those hotels far from the downtown. Location determines hotel prices to a greater extent.
Some guests of the city may be surprised by high prices for hotel rooms. It can be explained by the lack of budget and middle class hotels and lack of hotels on the whole. Though, appearance of International and Russian hotel operators, building of new hotels and reconstruction of old ones, competition on the hospitality service market, which can be observed now, will improve situation.
One can book the hotel directly if a hotel has it own on-line booking system, but it is a rare thing, so it’s more convenient to do it through the travel agency. The agency will help to find suitable hotel for requested dates and book it in advance and a tourist will have guaranteed room upon arrival.

5-star Ekaterinburg Hotels

Ekaterinburg Atrium Palace Hotel
Hyatt hotel of Ekaterinburg

4-star Ekaterinburg Hotels

Senator Hotel, Ekaterinburg Richmond Hotel, Ural Hotel, Ekaterinburg Ural Court hotel, Park Inn Ekaterinburg hotel, TransHotel (Trans-Hotel), Oktyabrskaya hotel, Ekaterinburg Inter hotel, Ekaterinburg Premier-hotel

3-star Ekaterinburg Hotels

Voznesensky Hotel (Voznesenski hotel), Moskovskaya Gorka (Moscow Hill Hotel), Lainer Hotel (Liner Hotel), Ekaterinburg Tsentralni (Ekaterinburg Central Hotel), Iset hotel, Antey Hotel, Alexandrovsky Park hotel (Aleksanrovski), Fort Hotel, Home Hotel, Izumrud on Sakko I Vantsetti Street, Luna-2000, 4 Seasons, Rings Hotel, Vizavi Hotel, Grand-Avenue Hotel, Atlantic hotel, Izumrud hotel, Grad Madrid, Ekaterinburg EuroHotel (Euro-Hotel), Magister Hotel, Hermitage.

2-star Ekaterinburg Hotels

Taganskaya Hotel, Tea Rose Hotel, Tatiana Hotel, Onezhsky hotel (Onegsky), Zelenaya Roscha Hotel, Suite Hotel, AVS Hotel by AVS-Group, Vega Hotel, Gallant Hotel, Ekaterina Hotel, Verona Hotel, Guru Hotel, Protex Hotel, Sverdlovsk hotel, Gold-Platinum Hotel, AquaMarine Hotel, Medrelax Hotel, Kolosok Hotel, Bolshoy Ural Hotel (Big Ural), Ekaterininskaya, Karpey Hotel, VUZ-Service, City-Hotel, Respect Hall Hotel, Siberia Hotel, Sokol, TransAgentstvo Hotel, VneshService Hotel

1-star Ekaterinburg Hotels

Uktus hotel, Circus Actors hotel of Ekateirnburg, UPI hosding, Dinamo hotel on Moskovsky Trakt.

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Ekaterinburg info:
Population: 1 400 000
Area: 1143 sq. km
Divisions: 7 districts
Ekaterinburg Location:
the capital of the Ural Federal District & Sverdlovsk Region
Ekaterinburg Time:
GMT +5 hours
Ekaterinburg Currency:
RUR - Rubles

Popular Ekaterinburg Hotels

Luxury Ekaterinburg hotels:

  • Atrium Palace Hotel
  • Hyatt Hotel
  • Ekaterinburg Premier-hotel
  • Richmond-Hotel
  • Senator-Hotel
  • Ekaterinburg Ural-Hotel
  • Ekaterinburg TransHotel
  • Hotel Oktyabrskaya

    Average Pricing Ekaterinburg hotels:

  • Moskovskaya Gorka
  • Voznesensky Hotel
  • Iset Hotel
  • Ekaterinburg-Tsentralny
  • Rings Hotel
  • Vizavi Hotel
  • Atlantic Hotel
  • InterHotel

    Budget Ekaterinburg hotels:

  • Sverdlovsk hotel
  • Medrelax Hotel
  • Bolshoy Ural Hotel
  • Tea Rose Hotel
  • City-Hotel
  • Onezhsky hotel
  • Zelenaya Roscha Hotel
  • Suite Hotel
  • Ekaterina Hotel