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Ekaterinburg Map. Find Ekaterinburg

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The territory of Ekaterinburg is 1143 sq. km.
Latitude is 56°50', longitude is 60°35', and altitude is 260 meters.

Ekaterinburg & Ural Mountains

Ekaterinburg and Ural Mountains in Russia

Ekaterinburg is located on the eastern slope of the Ural Mountains, on the banks of the Iset River, in the Middle Urals.

The Ural Mountains present mountain chain between East European plain and West Siberian Plain. The Ural mountain chain is 2500 km lengthwise and 40-150 km in width.

Where is Ekaterinburg in Russia?

Where is Ekaterinburg?

Ans. Ekaterinburg of Russia is located in the middle part of the mainland Eurasia. Eurasia is the biggest mainland on the Earth, with the total area of 53 893 sq km. It comprises two parts of the world – Europe and Asia. The border between Europe and Asia stretches along the Ural Mountains.

Population: Ural Region, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia. Who Lives in the Urals?

Who lives in the Urals? Who lives in Sverdlovsk Oblast and Ekaterinburg, Russia?
Ural District is one of Russian federal districts. The Ural Region (Ural Federal District) consists of:

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Ekaterinburg info:
Population: 1 400 000
Area: 1143 sq. km
Divisions: 7 districts
Ekaterinburg Location:
the capital of the Ural Federal District & Sverdlovsk Region
Ekaterinburg Time:
GMT +5 hours
Ekaterinburg Currency:
RUR - Rubles