Myths & Facts about Ekaterinburg, Russia

If you still doubt to come to Ekaterinburg, Russia because you think it is a small village somewhere in deep Siberia, where wild people with balalaikas walk along the streets teaming up with even wilder bears, you’d better learn some myths and facts at first. May be you will change your opinion.

Myths about Ekaterinburg

First Ekaterinburg Myth

Firstly, it is a mistake to think that Ekaterinburg is located somewhere in faraway Siberia among huge Ural Mountains. Actually Ekaterinburg, Russia is separated by great distance from Siberia, more than 3000 km. Ural Mountains are not higher than 600 m and you will need to get the countryside to see them. By the way, may be only a few people in the city with population of 1,300 000 people can really play balalaika.

Second Ekaterinburg Myth

Ekaterinburg citizens are not wild people. There are more than 600 educational establishments to get education and good European manners.

Third Ekaterinburg Myth

People in Ekaterinburg are friendly to foreigners and treat guests of the city as real guests not as spies, as in KGB times. Many years passed since Soviet times, most things have changed and people too. Even a KGB house now opens its doors for foreign tourists. Don’t be scared, it’s just a nice hotel in the former KGB building.

Fourth Ekaterinburg Myth

And the last but not least, don’t be mistaken about prices for hotels, services, food and etc. in Ekaterinburg. They are not low, on the contrary rather high, like prices in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Ekaterinburg is the third biggest and important Russian city, the standard of living is comparatively high and prices too.

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Ekaterinburg info:
Population: 1 400 000
Area: 1143 sq. km
Divisions: 7 districts
Ekaterinburg Location:
the capital of the Ural Federal District & Sverdlovsk Region
Ekaterinburg Time:
GMT +5 hours
Ekaterinburg Currency:
RUR - Rubles