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Numerous tourist attractions of Ekaterinburg and Ekaterinburg countryside present a great interest for guests of the city.

First of all Ekaterinburg is famous for its unique location – Europe and Asia border. It is a sort of rite to pass the border and enter another part of the world. You can even skip several times from Europe to Asia and back and of course take a photo standing in two parts of the world simultaneously. Don’t miss this chance and boast about it to your friends.

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Another famous place and a must for visitors is Ganya Pit. On the one side it is unique architectural monument, which presents 7 wooden churches built without single nail. On the other side, this place has sorrowful story connected with last Russian tsar Romanov (Nikolai 2) and his family, whose bodies were burnt and buried here.

Story of Ekaterinburg interlaces with mournful story of Romanov’s’. In the Ekaterinburg downtown tourists may observe the place where Romanovs were imprisoned and murdered, now there raises Cathedral on the Blood. Pilgrims from all sides of the worlds come here to pray.

Apart from Ekaterinburg churches, Ekaterinburg museums, mansions and manors together with Ekaterinburg monuments will be of great interest for tourists.

For example, one may walk in the downtown part, named Historical Square and see the heart of the city - the Dam or Plotinka on the Iset River, a place where Ekaterinburg started its story.

Those who are interested in Soviet times may visit the residence of KGB, Gorodok Chekistov (CheKa officers’ cantonment). Gorodok Chekistov, built in 30-s, is designed in the form of a Soviet symbol, a sickle and a hammer. It was a closed, guarded territory with several blocks of flats, a hostel for young KGB commissars. Now this territory is open, the houses are inhabited with civil citizens and tourists can stay in the former hostel for young KGB commissars, now it houses a modern Ekaterinburg hotel.

Everyone will find something interesting in Ekaterinburg from history to culture, from 18th c. till nowadays.

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Ekaterinburg info:
Population: 1 400 000
Area: 1143 sq. km
Divisions: 7 districts
Ekaterinburg Location:
the capital of the Ural Federal District & Sverdlovsk Region
Ekaterinburg Time:
GMT +5 hours
Ekaterinburg Currency:
RUR - Rubles